Extra Magic Hours and Rope Drop

Does rope drop work the same for Extra Magic Hours as it does for Normal Park opening?

IE. With Animal Kingdom normal open at 9am, they will start letting people into the park like 8:30ish. So, for a 8a-9a Extra Magic Hours, will they start letting in at 7:30ish?

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Usually they will let you in to where the RD point is located. Sometimes, like in AK, they’ll begin to walk ppl all the way back to FoP about 15 minutes before park open.

Hi all!
Can someone continue this thread for MK and EMH. Since they people in 1 hr before RD, does it work the same on EMH morning? 8am EMH start would let people in @ 7am? What time would you then show up to RD 7DMT?

For EMH at MK, they only open around 15 minutes early. I think I saw someone say they recently got in 30 minutes early.

But nothing like the hour that they do on a non-EMH day.

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