Extra Magic Hours and Low Crowd Levels

Has the Touring Plans crew changed recommended parks with respect to EMH? In some cases with an up coming trip there are parks with low crowd level even though that park had EMH on the same day. The last time reading through the guide it states to avoid parks with EMH, with all that has changed with FP does that really matter anymore and when the crowd level is a 2 - 5?

~ Gio

The conventional wisdom with EMH is that you should not go if you are not going to take full advantage of it as the park will be more crowded that it would have been without EMH. That being said, a low crowd level may make it worthwhile after all - the best thing to do is to make a personalized TP for that day and see what it looks like. If you can complete everything you wanted to do with reasonable waits then why not go?

This is something that is causing me planning troubles too!! I have Park hoppers so if I planned to do EMH in the morning my idea was to switch to a different Park in the the afternoon, but lots of other sites say these parks are a no go on days of morning magic hours! It’s hurting my head! Any advice from liners on their strategy would be much appreciated :smile:

That was my thought as well. We have been fortunate over the past several years to go when use of a Touring Plan was pretty much not needed. That being said, for the next trip a plan is definitely wanted since there have been enough changes and we don’t want to take any chances. Thank you for the reply and confirming our thoughts.

My thought is EMH for morning, take a break at the hotel, and then a second park from mid afternoon to close. By the time you are noticing the crowds amp up at the morning EMH park, you’ll be ready for lunch and a rest anyways. Then after the rest, your park #2 will be in the clearing out stages (in theory) as people are winding down from being there all day.


Completely agree…works especially well park hopping to AK, although Rivers of light will change that

I expect that this summer Pandora will be a park hopping changer, as well.