Extra Magic Hour Changes

Does one park ever have both morning and evening Extra Magic Hours on the same day? Also, if EMHs are currently posted for a park, is it likely that Disney would change those/take them away? Thank you for your guidance Disney pros!

They shouldn’t take any EMH away but they might add others or just increase the park hours. Parks are unlikely to have morning and evening EMH, possible exception is MK at Christmas & NY.

WDW frequently changes park hours to open earlier and close later than originally planned - see this TP blog post for more information about this http://blog.touringplans.com/2015/05/19/how-often-do-disney-world-park-hours-change/

However, I have never seen WDW add additional EMH, at least for dates that I have been thinking of doing trips.

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WDW has a weekly pattern of which park as AM or PM EMH, but sometimes they swap things around, like they did for the Fourth of July weekend. Sundays are usually AM at DH, and Wednesdays are PM at MK, but those two swapped days for July 3 and 6 this month.

Thank you @Tate! Unfortunately, we will be at Disney the week of New Year’s. I plan to take our crew to Epcot that day, which has late EMH, and crossing my fingers that by doing a 8:10 ADR and early morning Fast Passes will allow us to experience Future World and then head out by 2pm. Just a bit worried that Disney might open Epcot at 8:00am…then all bets are off!

Thank you for finding and sharing that blog post @brklinck! Very informative. I am amazed at the data crunching that was done, especially given the volume of data compiled over the last four years.

Look at the historical data on TP.