Extra Magic Band experts - split stay

Decided to add a day to the beginning of our trip. If I use a different email and change the names slightly will I get magic bands for a room only reservation? Our main trip is linked to our tickets. What I am looking for is a set of magic bands that I can get extra FP on the machine in the park and not to actually get in the parks. Otherwise I’ll just book everything under the same email.

Also will the above still allow me to have the luggage shipped to our second resort like I have done before for a split stay?


As far as I’m aware, if you’re staying at 2 resorts you get 2 sets of MBs. But I’m not an expert!

From what I read if you get two sets of magic bands that are not linked (i.e. different Disney account) then you can use the one set to get FP in the park on the machines. You have to make sure that this extra set does not have your tickets linked to it. I think it will work out but had not tried it.

In case it is brought up yes this may not be ethical. My dad cannot walk/stand long without pain and he refuses to use any devices to help. This will help a bit on standing time for him.

Yes, this will work. I have 2 MDE accounts, our resort and tickets/AP’s are linked to #1, and #2 is from an old stay. I can use the bands linked to account #2 to get same day FPP in the park. #1 has our preplanned 60 day FPP’s. Works great, just remember which band is for what. I did this as recently as May, and will try again next week. Hoping it still works.


Much appreciated Wahoohokie. Booking now.

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I agree with @Wahoohokie . Use names that are different so the accounts don’t get merged. Middle names are best incase you need to present ID for something. Arrival DME will be linked to first reservation and departure will be linked to 2nd reservation.

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I see fellow Disney fanatics talking about this “2nd set of mb’s” pretty often. I don’t understand the point. You can get same day FPP on your 1st set. How does this benefit you?

These are 3 extra in addition to the 3 you are allowed pre schedule. So basically 6 FPP per day

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Like @AuntB_luvsDisney said, you go into the park with 3 preplanned, add 3 at the kiosks with your second band, maybe even add another 3 if your touring group has extra accounts…so you may easily have 6-9 FPP at the start of the day. Or more, if you have people on your MDE who have AP’s but aren’t on the trip. Makes it sort of like unlimited FPP.

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Oh, so you can add 3 at once instead of one at a time, getting them booked earlier in the day, before they become unavailable. Thanks @Wahoohokie. I guess that would work. I’d be nervous about what they might do if they were to catch me. Maybe nothing. I’m not aware of any rules against having a second MDE account.

What if I just take a friends old set of MB, will they work for same day FP?

Yes they will.