Extra Hours or Lower Crowds

Need Help! I’m down to figuring out only 2 dates and at a dilemma on which option is best. I could use some good advice. As of tomorrow I hit my 180 days so I need to get this figured out today so I can make dining arrangements tomorrow morning. Here’s the question…
Monday April 4, 2016 Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? The opposite will fill Friday April 8, 2016.

1st Option: Monday April 4 - Hollywood Studios crowd level is (4) but offers no extra hour. Animal Kingdom April 8 - predicted at (5) and offers no magic hour.
April 4 - Animal Kingdom, crowd level a (5) extra magic hour at 8am! Then April 8 - Hollywood Studios, crowd level (6) open 2 hours later until 9p.
What makes for a better day lower predicted crowds or extra magic hours?

Hi. We have been there that same week the past 2 years. My first thought is that park hours will likely be increased as you get closer as they have the last 2 years. I also think after looking at the crowd calendar that either choice is fine and there won’t be too much difference. Based on what the hours currently are, I would go to AK on Monday. 8am EMH’s (or 7am ones if you are lucky to be there during those) are a great way to help beat the crowds so we always go to them. People don’t like to get up early on vacation,so if you can it pays off. There will be very little difference between a 5 or 6 crowd, a good touring plan is more important than the crowd level, or at least that’s what Len says. Others will say avoid the EMH’s, but I personally think they are great.

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We are there the same time but offsite. If I was onsite I would be doing parks WITH EMH. The inaccuracies in crowd calander predictions recently make me doubt how accurate they will be for my visit and EMH rocks esp if they put in 7am s again

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We picked this week because it’s our spring break but everywhere I’ve looked said most people’s will be over by then and crowds should be manageable. So I’m hoping that’s true! Definitely following a touring Plan because I don’t want the job of figuring it out myself. Thanks for thr input!!

Crowds will still be pretty heavy. Our spring break is always this week.

You are looking at a 1 point difference in CL, which is pretty much inconsequential if you have a good TP.

That being said, I would only go to an EMH park if I was going to take full advantage of the extra time, i.e. be at the entrance for mEMH RD and stay late for the eEMH. If not, then I would stick with the regular hour days.