Extra day AK or HS

So we have a not yet planned day at the end of our trip. I want to get FPP for it. I have a DD12 and a DS14. I know you guys don’t know them but do.you think AK or HS would be better to get FPP for? We are doing 2 days MK and one day in each park with a rest day. What park would you do the extra day?

HS. My kids are a tad younger, but that was their favorite park with RNRC, TOT, SD, TSMM, and Star Tours. It’ll be interesting to see what others suggest.

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Have you asked your DD’s which they’d prefer? Sometimes kids surprise you. On our last day last trip, we let my DD and DS pick the park. They’re 3 and 5, so I thought they’d pick MK. They actually chose Epcot!

If I wanted to get FPP for AK or HS and I wasn’t sure which we were going to, I’d get them for AK. The hard to get FP there is FOP, which your family is the right age for. If you don’t grab that well ahead of time it’s very hard to find. That’s not necessarily the case for TOT or RNR. I doubt you’ll want a FP for SDD with a tween and a teen, and the other DHS headliners are easier to get FP for down the line (or get on with low waits when the park opens) if you decide to do DHS after all.

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When is your trip?

Oh who am I kidding? The correct answer is always AK


Depends on when you are going. After 8/29, 2 days at HS. Before, AK. Although before 8/29, my family would choose Epcot.

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We go July 26 through Aug 3. So I do not have to figure out the entire SWGE yet.

Do you have park hopper? We hit both parks that day… my kids wanted TSMM… had to have a repeat of scores. They also wanted KRR… they did that like 3x in a row. Mine are boys 14, 16…

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I was about to write the same thing! I saw the title and thought, “AK, obviously…” :joy: