Extra day add on

has anyone had any luck adding a day, once you’ve gotten there? I have a 6 night stay in January at All Star Movies. I just looked online to add another night and it said nothing was available. I can totally book a one night stay off site, but moving for one night can be a bit of a pain. I wonder if when I am actually there, and in person, if it would be easier for them to add the extra night.

Hotel room inventory is incredibly dynamic. It changes minute to minute as people make and modify and cancel reservations. Given that, I would try to get that day added BEFORE you arrive, especially if you want to stay at the same resort and definitely if you want to stay in the same room. If you don’t have any luck you can certainly try on arrival and each day until checkout, but I would have a backup plan at least in case nothing does open. That’s a tough week — people will start arriving for marathon weekend as the week moves forward.

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yeah I’ll have a backup plan for sure!

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I would encourage you to keep checking. Availability changes often!

Our flight next week got changed so we added a night at the front of our stay. First there was nothing available at Pop so we booked AoA. Then the next day I found a room at Pop but a different view. Then I finally switched it to the same view but couldn’t make it consecutive. Then finally got one consecutive stay. This was over the course of about 3 weeks & checking 2-3 times per day for availability.

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ugh, the only problem is, I booked through a TA. So I have to let her make all the changes. She said she looked and didnt find anything. I really prefer to do the booking myself, so I don’t have this problem.