Extending WDW Ticket expiration date

I have 3 two-day Theme Park tickets that expire on Sept 26, 2021. My family was originally planning on going to Magic Kingdom in April 2020 and again in Dec 2021, but need/want to postpone until our kid is vaccinated for Covid.

Any advice on how best to approach Disney to extend the expiration date of these tickets and/or get a credit?


You will always retain the value paid for those tickets and can apply it toward new ones when you visit in the future.

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YMMV, but I had 2020 Park Hopper tickets that were also extended to 9/26/21, and was recently able to get a refund back to the original form of payment (which happened to be Disney Gift Cards, so Disney still gets to keep my money). My justification was that a refund was one of the recovery options offered when park hopping was unavailable during the initial re-opening.

Had to be persistent and transferred a few times to the desk that had authority to do so though.

While that’s true - I preferred the flexibility of having a Disney GC to be able to use it more broadly, e.g. ShopDisney, restaurants, DLR, Disney cruises, etc.