Extending Hours?

How far out is Disney typically extending their park hours? I see that there aren’t extended March hours posted yet, and that’s only a couple weeks away at this point. I can’t remember what they’ve been doing for the past few months.

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I saw in March they are cutting park hours back. i.e. HS is open 9am-7pm but in March it’s open 10-7.

Only 15 days ahead. Should be changed tonight for 2/28-3/6.


That’s what I mean - that 10-7 is their “boilerplate” HS hours. Usually they extend them at some point. I’m anxious to see what March is going to look like.

Oh wow. I didn’t realize it was always that close. I was hoping for more warning. I should know better than to try to plan ANYTHING at this point. :crazy_face:


well, then I’m going to have to watch since I made a park reservation for HS on 3/5. I’m just hoping they don’t change the 0700 BG process too

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Yeah it’s strange they cut it that close. I’ve got A & C breakfast for that week for 7:00, assuming HS opening will indeed change to 9:00 as it has been.

And of course the touring plans to deal with too. I put in an earlier date than when I’m actually going so I could get it more accurate. :crazy_face:

Oh, that’s what I should do! I’ve just been waiting or trying to mentally make the adjustments. I’ll have some time this weekend while my whole family is at hockey, so I wanted to do some planning.

Now that I know that I can’t really just wait it out (I mean, I CAN, I’m just not willing to), I think I’ll adjust dates and see what it does.

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I am looking as well. For the last several weeks they have been updating hours one week at a time on Friday afternoons. If the trends hold you should see a change today.

Yep, hours just changed.



My trip starts on that Thursday eve so half of my trip hours are updated and half are not. I guess I have to wait a week to fix the rest? I mean I’m assuming… I was hoping crowds would at least be low on the weekdays in the first two weeks of March.

The week of the 8th may be a little busier than the week of the 1st. But the week of the 15th looks quite busy, must be the early spring breakers.

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