Extending Covid Tickets Question

After sadly canceling our 2020 trip (which included a dream stay at AKL) we are finally feeling cautiously optimistic enough to schedule another trip for this July. We already know it is not going to be the same, but it will likely be our last vacation with DS17, at least for a while.

One change we are making on this trip is staying offsite - a first for us (at least since my stay at the Kon-Tiki as a child). But that has let us extend our vacation and add in other places to visit, like a few National Parks.

One problem that I never had to deal with before, though, is taking too long to use our tickets. A bit more background - we have 7 day tickets from last year that, as far as I understand, we can use on any 7 days until September. No problem there. But, we DS9 will be DS10 by then and we want to go to the parks for 9 days instead of 7. Normally not an issue - we would just pay the increase for the adult ticket and extra days. However, our ideal plan has us taking a Disney break in the middle to do other things, so we would not use all of our days within 13 days. But I have no idea how the extension would be treated since our current tickets do not have (I believe) the use within xx day limit.

My fear is that as soon as we change DS10’s ticket, it will become date-based and expire after 10 days (or 13 if we also add 2 days). And I am not sure how they would treat the rest of us adding days on - could I just go on Day 6 and say I want to add 2 days on and would the 13 day clock start then ???

So much different about planning this time around…

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I started a reply to you but it just got too complex!

If you were to add the 2 days to your existing tickets, at the 8th & 9th day rates, I think the clock is already ticking on them from the original use date.

I think you’ll need to call the ticket line and ask about the extension. When they pull up your existing tickets (which I assume are linked to your MDE), they’ll see that DS would have turned 10 but it may not be a big deal. Could be at their discretion given the Covid situation.


My experience was that once I made any change to my tickets (in my case, adding days) the “use by end of 2021” tickets became date-based again with the 10-day use window. Worth a call to see what your options are though. Or you could use them until the last day, then add the days at that point. It could work. :man_shrugging: May have to fudge the birthday issue though to avoid making any changes.

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OK. I was hoping to avoid a call but it looks like I will have to. Thank you!

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