Extended Trip advice

Hi All

I am doing a 11 Night trip at Disney World in December with my wife and 2 kids 8 and 11 years old.

We wanted it to b a relaxing holiday, when have a 8 day park hopper ticket.

Is it best to go to the park in the mornings then come home for lunch and then go out again later or just go full days with rest in between ?

Where are you staying?

We like to have a midday break if staying at a monorail, skyliner or Crescent Lake resort especially.

We rarely stay in the parks all day.

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Staying at French quarter first 4 nights then beach club next 7

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If you are early birds, then getting there for ETHE is definitely worth it! You can get quite a bit more done. As far as whether you head back to the room or not in the afternoon really depends on your tolerance, and how much you want to do after dark, etc. I would definitely advise hitting MK on a party day and going until they kick you out for the party. Crowds are generally quite lower on party days.

If you intend to us EEH during your Deluxe portion of your stay, hit a different park earlier in the day, head back to rest in the afternoon, and then head into the park with EEH shortly before EEH begin. This avoids the higher crowds EEH will draw to the park during the day.


For your stint at Beach Club - it’s so easy to hop into EP & DHS in the evenings. And magical.


We loved the strategy of early mornings, long naps, and late nights!


@markl_849488 In December there are PLENTY of party mornings. This is my plan of attack for December. Do MK days in the morning though lunch and then go back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon and nice dinner.

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You’ll need at least 2 days away from the parks anyway, with only 8 days of tickets.

But we never do open to close at the parks. And you’ve got two great resorts for swimming / boat to DS / skyliner to resort hop and look around etc. I’d give yourself a resort day at each to explore (don’t forget POR & POFQ are sister resorts).

But also give yourself some evenings off. Yee Ha Bob Jackson at POR is a great fun evening, if a little cheesy and raucous!

Plus from BC you can pop over to Epcot and DHS.

So don’t plan all day every day at the parks. Make the most of that time to explore other things.


You should probably experiment a little to see what works for your family. Your schedule might be a bit park specific. Earlier for certain parks.

Even with teens who like to sleep at least til noon, we’ve always been up early enough to be at the parks as they’re opening. Except for one June trip which turned out to be exceptionally rainy. We were at Disney 9 days, doing the sleep in and tour late and due to lots of rain, actually had less park time. The teens requested to go back to the early schedule.

On warm weather trips we’re happier to be in a park earlier. Somewhere between 11 and 11:30 we hit that spot when heat and crowds get to be enough that we’re ready for some quiet non-park time.

You may find that with multiple days in the parks you’ll discover some attractions are once and done for your family. This could open up your time for non-ride experiences in parks.

The single best thing to tell you about a touring plan is that flexibility is key. Next is patience. And hydration!

Oh, and enjoy! :blush: