Extended Evening Theme Park Hours in July?

I’ve just noticed that the TP calendar predicts Extended Evening Theme Park Hours (Mondays at Epcot and Wednesdays at MK) only up until 15 July. No predicted EETPH for any later July dates.

Does anyone know why TP would predict that EETPH would be stopped in mid-July (as opposed to August, when they usually make way for the Halloween party, now confirmed to start on 9 August)? Does this usually happen a few weeks before the party, or is there a chance these EETPH will be added into the WDW calendar for the rest of July now that the party dates have been announced?

The WDW calendar is currently open until Wedneday, 3 July and confirms EETPH at MK for that night.

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While Disney said they will continue EETPH to 2025, they only have the calendar update through early July right now. So I think it is safe to say they will continue beyond that…