Extended Evening Hours- Epcot

I’ve seen more discussion about MK than Epcot. What was your strategy? In before 6 to obtain a VQ then dinner? What did you get done before 9, and then in the period between 9-11? When I do a TP for that time there seem to be waits of 20-30 minutes on rides like TT, Frozen and Remi- is that accurate?


I would not see the nighttime show on extended hours night. We did and it eats too much time.

I would recommend doing the FW stuff in that 2hrs. We got to ride Test Track, Soarin, and Spaceship Earth in what amounted to 90 minutes since we did watch the show at 9. So with even more time we could have knocked out the rest except for GOTG. Oh if your VQ is valid during the show ride GOTG then - everyone heads for it after the show.


We arrived at 7:30pm. We did Pixar Shorts, SE, Soarin. At 9 we went to TT, then GFT, FEA, Remy.


Stupid question is there a 3rd VQ drop for extended hours?

Yes, at 6. Must be tapped into Epcot at some point in the day before 6.


This isn’t how it’s supposed to work, but some people have had that happen to them which is frustrating.

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We went in Jan. Our biggest issue was distance. We did Harmonius- which does eat up a lot of time ! Then GOTG with VQ, TT, 3 Caballeros, FEA. We were not allowed to walk directly from Norway to France, as world showcase was closed off in Morroco, so we had to backtrack. We still could have made Remy, but we were too tired and had already ridden it that morning. You definitely need to have a plan.

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Do you recall what your wait times were like for these (approximately)?

The past couple trips we have RD Epcot at EE and stayed until 5:00ish pm, but my kids are proving to be more night owls at WDW. For next trip, I’m considering arriving at Epcot around 11:00 am on a Monday and staying for the Deluxe evening hours.


I am posting from my phone so I assume the order is scrambled but I hope these make sense!


I’m surprised the standby times posted are so inaccurate! Good to see your experience

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I always do a posted/actual timer and find that most times the posted number is way off.

Often, TP predicted wait can be high too (just not as high as Disney for me).

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This is very helpful. Thank you!

To those who have attended the extended evening hours, I have a stupid question… is it possible to use g+ during that time? Or is the last slot before the park closes?

There’s no G+ during the extended hours.

Also not all the rides will be running and World Showcase is closed off from Norway round to France (clockwise).

If you try and go beyond Norway the CMs will stop you - it’s essentially one way to allow guests out of World Showcase after Epcot Forever.


That’s really helpful, thank you!