Extended Evening Hours, Epcot. What's up, y'all?

OK!!! I am the worst. OK? Right? I know!!! I’m sorry. Anyway. Less than two weeks out from my Totally Awesome Family Holiday Gathering of Magical Awesomeness and Disneyfied Glory, I’m still finding stuff to worry about. I definitely have not earned my Disney Freak ™ card.

I discovered recently that my family and I will be eligible for Extended Evening Hours at Epcot because we’re staying at Saratoga Springs (courtesy of the new BIL Randy, who owns timeshare points through, OMG, I forget the name of the company). I had already planned for Epcot on November 30th. Now I get to plan to stay late in Epcot.

We will be taking a LONG afternoon break for a major nap and restorative recreation before trying to hang at Ep until 11:30. Woo hoo!!! My favorite park!!!

Anyway, I can’t find a lot of information about what’s actually open at Epcot during Extended Evening Hours. Oh, I mean, other than “attractions.” I know that there are several attractions open – FEA, Gran Fiesta, GotG, Journey of Water, Mission: Space, Remy’s, Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, The Seas, and TT – but I’m wondering about pavilions, entertainment, and places to eat. I recently saw a post that said that the fish-and-chips shop in the UK pavilion is open late. Awesome! But what about Karamell-Kuche? What about the bakery in Norway? Sunshine Seasons? Can I get a decaf latte somewhere?

I would so appreciate some guidance in this regard. I’ve been trying to search trip reports, but it’s hard to find any that reference anything other than the very long lines for Remy.


Nope … based on what I’ve heard, your rotten son is the worst :slight_smile:

When we were at Extended Evening Hours at Hollywood Studios last month, the restaurants were closed, but some of the snack carts were open. I imagine it is a similar situation at Epcot.


Hope this is helpful:

I found blog posts and such by searching: what’s open at epcot extended hours

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No, the pavilions will be closed (other than the ride areas in France, Mexico, and Norway. Much of WS, including the oath will be blocked (from France to Norway). Some Joffrey carts may be open. There is usually one QS open but it could have long lines. We generally have a meal late on that day.


I would try to eat before and use that time to do the attractions. You’ll have very little wait from my experience but the attractions are very far apart and so if it takes you 20 minutes to get from GotG to Remy that’s a 16+% loss of your benefit. If you can focus on one area like Future World that’ll help or have three of four attractions planned having eaten already.


When you say “snack carts,” do you mean popcorn and churros?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Oh, good point. Had not considered that.

Yeahhhhhhhh, guess that’s what we’ll have to do. I’ll be over here in the corner, pouting. :rofl:

Seriously, thank you for all the great information. Y’all were very helpful!

In our case, it was popcorn and pretzels, but yes.


Hello. I am new to posting on the Forum and we have a trip planned in December. We will have a late evening in Epcot so this is helpful. Can you help me understand the “blocked between France and Norway” statement? Does this mean you cannot go in the complete circle around the WS? Would be good to know so you don’t have to go all the way around if there are blocks in the circle.

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Yes, during the extended hours you cannot walk completely around World Showcase. If I remember correctly there are cast members blocking the walkway. You can walk from France past UK, Canada, and Mexico but you cannot go past Norway

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I have to check a map, but basically, you’re forced to stay on the skinny side of the trapezoid… right? … Checking map…

Yeah, technically, it’s the skinny part. LOL!! It’s probably literally half way around the World Showcase lagoon, and they just don’t let you go the half with China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, and Morocco.


That is very helpful to know. I thought we could enjoy WS with less people and now I know that much of it is closed. Maybe start the evening in France and work toward the center…

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