Extended Evening Hours at HS

HS has extended hours this Wednesday. I only saw articles about making the most of EEH at Epcot or Magic Kingdom. Is there one about HS that I missed? Anyone have any insight to share? We don’t arrive until later that afternoon, so planning to stack Genie+ rides for the evening. Wondering if ROTR line drops off during extended hours? Would we be better off buying ILL for it, so we can focus on other rides? Thanks!

This will be the first time EEH are at HS. Here’s one article about it, and which rides will be open. https://www.wdwmagic.com/other/extra-magic-hours/news/22feb2022-disneys-hollywood-studios-unveils-strong-attraction-lineup-for-the-one-night-only-extended-evening-hours.htm

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While I’m all for expanding the EEH to other parks…I also find it annoying that they change thing kind of thing up LESS THAN 60 days out from the dates they apply to.

Disney wants you to book park reservations, and also ADRS, ahead of time. We make our trip plans in anticipation of this. But if they decide after we already book ADRs, to change which parks are doing EEH on which nights, it foils the well-planned…plans!

This is an on-going frustration for me and Disney…that they expect guests to plan well ahead, but they can’t be bothered to do the same for the very things that are needed to plan for!


This, I believe, is a one-off due to MK closing early Wed for a cast event

Am I remembering correctly? I thought we discussed it and were all excited about EEH coming to HS but then it didn’t but for this one day


Grain of salt and all, but I think I read somewhere that this was a trial of sorts by Disney - i.e. see how it goes and maybe add more in the future.

There isn’t an early closure at MK this week.

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I thought this was noticed way back? Don’t think it was less than 60 days out.

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The article was from Feb. 22 reporting the change. This Wednesday is Apr. 13. That’s definitely less than 60 days out.

I’m mixing up all my details :laughing:

It’s not as though things change often at WDW these days so I can’t imagine why LOL


Yes…although, that might be changing… :wink:

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That was the article confirming what attractions would be open. This one is from January when it was first added to the list:


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Ah! I see. I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the clarification. That does make me feel a bit better about it then!

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Mk is open til 11 weds