Express Transportation

Hi Everyone!
Does anyone have any experience using the Express transportation between parks? Is it worth the extra money?

I think it is AWFUL that this is an upgrade. Disney should have this as standard if you have a park hopper. However sorry - no don’t have experience. We just don’t park hop usually. Don’t really see the need for it. I personally think it is a false need to park hop.

We used it, and loved it. If you are going to park hop, it’s the way to go.

I don’t have personal experience, and was fairly hesitant about it, but every single person I’ve talked to that’s actually used it absolutely loves it. So we will be getting it for our next trip in Dec.

I would definitely use it if we didn’t usually take a break at the resort during the hop. I can see the HS dropoff/pickup location being really convenient for a quick hop just for ToT and RnR with the big kids while someone rides the “baby stuff” with the littles, or while the littles head back for a nap.

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I agree, as one who usually doesn’t park hop, but this reflects on what I hate about Disney. It seems that every time they come up with an idea to improve the Disney experience, they find a way to try to make a buck off of it. I understand that often a new service costs money, but it’s hard to sympathize with that concept given the prices Disney charges for admissions, hotel rooms, food, etc. When they don’t charge extra for a new service (such as when they initiated Magical Express), it’s almost a major shock to the attendee’s system, causing most to try to figure out how the attendees won’t get in trouble for not paying.
Sorry for getting on the “soapbox”, but that “wringing out the last dollar out of their pockets” thinking diminishes the great experience Disney can be.

I have Park Hopper tickets for a trip this November. While I agree that with the expense of the Park Hopper option, this transportation should be included, I feel like the cost is not prohibitive. In fact, when compared with all of the other ways Disney squeezes their patrons, I would consider it one of Disney’s best bargains! We intend to have a hotel/swim break between parks every day while on vacation except two, but I still think I will purchase the Express Transportation.

We used it in February and my wife and I agree that it cuts your park to park travel time by more than half. It’s definitely worth it if you’re park hopping without resort breaks.

Thank you Everyone!!

I’m okay withe the extra cost in this case, because A. it’s surprisingly affordable, and B. the little bit of extra cost will help keep use a little lower, which means it will be more efficient… if it was free then everyone with a park hopper would be using it and it wouldn’t be much (if at all) faster than regular park-to-park transportation (which is, after all, only used by people with park hoppers) in the end.


I agree… I mean really $30 for a week of park hopping without having to constantly go through the long lines at the security bag check is worth it to me. I can see how it would be cost prohibitive for some families though, especially if you have 4 or more people in your group. However people routinely pay more than $60 to get a better seat at the fireworks for one night on top of park admission, so this is a steal in comparison.

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