Express Transportation Option

Does anyone have experience with the new Express Transportation option for park hoppers? How is it working? Does it save much time? Are you able to avoid going through security again when you hop? Do they stop at all of the parks in one trip, or is there a dedicated vehicle for each hop? (For example, one trip to hop from MK to Epcot, with no other stops at HS or AK.) I am very interested in this service if it is working well! Thanks.

It works fantastic! Used it in January and with park hopping it saved us 1 1/2- 2 hours a day. No long walks from the regular busses, no security after the first park, and you get dropped off in the park next to attractions. Each park has its own bus on its own schedule. No trips to other parks. Most trips, we were the only ones on the busses. Absolutely loved it and will use it again. It is added to your magic band so nothing extra to do. They just scan it when you get to the check in location.


Thanks! If we get our tickets through Parksavers, can we add it through MDE or do we have to wait until we arrive at WDW?

We bought ours at guest services at EPCOT. I believe you need to purchase in the parks.

Check-In Locations

  • Magic Kingdom park: near the exit of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Epcot: the east side of Spaceship Earth
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: the courtyard in front of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom park: near the entrance to Kilimanjaro Safaris

Found this and had copied it for our trip next week, we will definitely be using this service


I’ve been hearing absolutely great reviews of this. I’m planning on adding it when we arrive on our trip this summer!

You can purchase the Express bus passes at guest services in the park, at the pick-up/drop-off locations, or from the concierge desk if you’re staying at a resort onsite. I purchased mine at Pop Century in January.


Saw this and thought i would add it to this conversation.

Do you have to pay for a 3 year old on Express Transportation?

It appears so. Disney lists it as 3+ which I presume is 3 and older:

So I think if a child needs a park ticket, they also need to pay for Express Transportation. Sorry…

Man that’s the worst lol. Wish this was at least 5+.

Looking for an update since March on this service. Is it still working well? Have the crowds discovered it yet?

I’d also like to hear an update on how the service is still working, and also, are these regular disney buses? We will have 2 ECVs, and I’m hoping that won’t be an issue using this service.


See the cost here

When I used it they were regular Disney buses, so EVCs shouldn’t be an issue

When I did it it was $24 for a 7 day pass. I understand it has fine up to $29 for the 7 day pass.

How much time does a park-to-park transfer usually take without this option vs with it?

It took us 15-20 min from the time we walked up to the express booth to the time we walked in the next park. I budget an hour using buses and going through security again, i think even if you were able to walk right out of the park and onto a bus that would take 30 min. I think it is a no brainer for park hopping. It is fabulous. I actually planned our Fastpasses and touring around the Express Trans locations so it saved us any extra walking at all. I.e. we had Tusker House meal as our last thing in AK, took the bus to MK and got right on Buzz.


Thank you! That’s really helpful information.