Express passes with Crowd level 2

My hubby and I are doing a 5 day trip without the kids. We were going to stay at HRH to get the express passes, but I’m wondering if they will be useful at all on a crowd level 2 (nov 26-dec 1). If not, I may choose a cheaper hotel. Thanks!

We were at the Universal parks for 4 days in February when the CLs were 2, 3, and 4 (depend on the day).

We did not have Express passes nor early entry, but we got through everything each day and generally left by 3:00 pm. First day was dedicated to Harry Potter, then next two were dedicated to UOR and IOA specifically. Last day was our “overview” day where we hit our favorites across both parks. We were done by 3:00 all four days.

So, while Express passes might be nice, I don’t think they are necessary with those CLs.

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You don’t need them, but HRH is a great hotel.

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We just returned from 3 days at UOR, staying at HRH. CL’s were 4/5 and I would say the Express Passes saved us a ton of time–we breezed right on by some longer lines; never truly waited for anything except maybe 10 min for Hulk. Loved walking to parks in 5 min from HRH. Not sure what a CL 1 or 2 looks like compared to our days.


I agree. I was there in September with crowds levels of 3, and we got on everything without Express Pass, many things we rode twice, and we still had plenty of leisure time to enjoy wandering and relaxation. Don’t waste the money! Spend it on something else!

I will add that Diagon Alley was the most crowded place in all the lands/areas of both parks. But we still had no problem getting into Grongotts, Ollivander’s, etc.