Express Passes in February?

I know everyone is different, but in your experience will I need Express Passes in February? We are going at the beginning of the month and will only be going on weekdays. Thanks!

I would not buy them until you get to the park. I know they say they can sell out- I don’t think they do.


That was my original plan, but we are staying at Cabana Bay and I am wondering if it is worth it to stay at one of the hotels that has it included. I just really like Cabana Bay and don’t want to switch hotels if it isn’t really needed.

Oh! That is a good point! I think in the past early February is a great time to visit! I don’t think it is very busy. How about one night at a deluxe?

The Sunday of President Day Weekend 2019 was a 10. Hard to move around or ride much. Saturday was a 5, which was much more manageable. Going back in November, but choosing to stay on site at a Deluxe hotel 1 day.