Express Pass

I was wondering if its worth getting an express pass for the end of oct? We will only be there one day and it is our first time. The day we are going is monday 10/26

Im going on the 21st and 22nd of October and I haven’t planned to buy express park as the crowd levels are lower on 2’s and 3’s. I cant say what the right thing to do is I just feel that its another expense I may not need when crowds are lower

I don’t think you will need it. October 26 shows a CL of 3 and I feel the expense is not worth the return. I would suggest assembling a touring plan to see as much as you can in that one day.

One thing you can do is make a Personalized TP and Optimize it both with and without Express Pass - that way you can better decide if it will be worth it to you.

Also, you can always buy Express Pass in the parks if you decide that it will help you out one you see how good/bad the lines are.

Thanks everyone! I will deff try the personalized tp and optimize it for both ways to check it out! I thought you had to buy it before hand so thats awesome that we can just buy it there if we need to! We are not big roller coaster people and we don’t really like Harry Potter (don’t hurt me!! lol) so hopefully in that sense it wont be too bad for us!