Express Pass with room

A few questions about the unlimited express pass.

I am considering getting 2 rooms. One with free unlimited express pass and one without.

Let’s say persons A, B, C stay at Hard Rock and persons D and E stayed off site. If person B wasn’t using their express pass could person D use it?

Do you scan cards when you enter the line or right before you get on the ride?

How long after person B scans their card can it be scanned again or that ride or another ride? Say person B scans for themselves. Could they immediately scan it again for person D?

When we were last there your EP had your photo on it. I think now you just use your room key so no photo, but no if person B doesn’t want to ride something, they don’t get to give it to someone else to use. If you want perks for 5 people, you need to pay for them for 5 people.

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My last visit Universal was trying facial recognition software in the express queues so I would say someone cannot use your express pass.


Wow. Facial recognition. Hitech.

When we were there in August they were checking faces! It would probably be easier if they just put your pic on the pass, sometimes it takes a while to check

I don’t know why they stopped!