Express Pass vs. Child Swap vs. Single Rider line

We have a child that will be too short for a couple of the big rollercoasters.
So, wondering which is the best way to handle that.

  • Does UOR have child swap? Does this allow the family to stay together or go separately?

  • We will also have Express Pass. So, DH could use express pass to ride while I take child to another ride and then I can use Express Pass to ride while DH takes child on another ride.

  • Or we can also take turns using single rider lines while other parent takes child on another ride.

Pros and Cons of Child Swap vs. Express Pass vs. Single Rider. Or is it really all the same and just choose any option?

You all go through the line together . Let the first TM ( Team Member) know you intent to use child swap. They will direct you where to go or who to tell inside the ride. At the ride platform there is a waiting area with water cooler and sometimes a tv. First adult rides, get off ( on/ off at same place ) swaps with second adult. Really easy and great for familes. No having to re queue adds about 4-5 minutes to the experience plus most of the queues are awesome.