Express Pass Photos

I know they’ve added ID photos to the resort guest express passes, but what about the normal EPs purchased by non-guests? Have they added pictures to those or do they still have only your name?

I bought some last week and printed them off at home. They didn’t request a photo and they just have our name on.

Oh, cool. How did you get the print at home option? I see it when I only have park tickets in the checkout, but when I try to buy the tickets + express pass combo the print-at-home option disappears and I only see the kiosk and ticket window options:

I didn’t buy my park tickets at the same time. I have those as part of my holiday (vacation) package. My park tickets have to be collected from the kiosk, I just thought it would make things simpler if I had the express passes already done! We are going to early opening, so quick is good :blush:

I agree that printing at home is good, I just can’t get the option to show up. Even when I change it to express passes only there’s no print at home option for me:

That is strange :thinking: I had no problems with the print at home option, could it be because I’m not in the U.S? Which seems kind of odd…

I just tried it again on the site, just to see if it worked differently for me. But your right there was no print at home option, but it definitely was there before! I have my print outs!