Express Pass on Volcano Bay

Hi! How are you?

Well, i’m going to visit Orlando on september and have a huge doubt about what water park to visit (volcano bay or typhoon lagoon).

The odds are to VB, but some things that a read about the virtual queu system and big crowds makes me uncertain.

So, the express pass is available for VB? I read somewhere that was on the begining, but not anymore…

If it’s not, do you think thats still worth visiting (even if thats means miss TL…)?

Thank you very much for your time and sorry for the poor english (writing from a non english country)!

Express pass was available when I went in October. I am not sure if they will sell it during peak times. It was $39 a person, one express per attraction.

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I’m heading to VB on Friday, so I’ll let you know how the lines are without EP.

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Thank you very much for your help!


Did you go to Volcano? =)

Sure did! I wrote up a more detailed report of our experience in a different post, but in short, the lines were non-existent for us. Never even had to use the Tapu Tapu to virtually queue because everything was “ride now”!

Ok! I’ll se your post, then!

Thats good news for you! =)

Again, thank you.