Express Pass Confusion

Hey all you knowledgeable people. Quick question on the Universal Express Pass. If I add two of them on to our tickets for the day (doing 2 parks in one day), how do they work? I’m finding the Universal explanation to be a bit confusing (or at least the spot that I found for an explanation). Do we each get access to ONE ride during the entire day? Do we need to pick the ride we want when we order the tickets and passes or is there just a way to do this when you get to the park? Just trying to decide if this is something we want to do. We only have one day to do both parks so we were thinking of this add-on option to help speed up our experience a little bit on the rides and give us a bit more time to be able to walk around and enjoy the madness! Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry - I can see that if we do the Unlimited Pass, it’s multiple rides throughout the day. But I can’t find any description of the restricted rides. Anyone know what rides are not allowed under the Express Pass?

All rides have express pass except one but I can’t remember which. It’s a kiddie ride I believe. If you got the regular express pass you get oneexpress pass use per ride. So you can use it on everything once. If you got the unlimited then you can use it as many times as you want on any ride.

The only ride that does NOT take it, I believe, is Pteranadon Flyers.

And Pternadon flyers is restricted height for kids to ride it only

If you are doing both parks in one day then express pass is great idea and you will get to do every ride you want once easily IMO

We found minions during the day had the biggest express pass queue and that was only 20 mins ish

As others have stated, you’ll have two options for purchased EPs. Which one you’ll need may depend on when you’re going. If the crowds will be low, you may be able to get by with just the one use per attraction EP or none at all. Then again, with one day, you probably won’t have time to re-ride much if you’re trying to hit all of the attractions in both parks. Just make sure you get a park-to-park ticket!

I agree 1 ride per ride will be enough for one day and two parks

But well worth it

When weighing up the cost for the express passes I think it’s always worth comparing to the cost of staying onsite as well which includes unlimited express passes

Yep, we don’t do it any other way! Staying at RPH in January and counting down the days…

I responded to this on chat as well, but I agree with @interested. It may very well be more cost-effective to pay for a room you never even use to get up to five EPs included. The a la carte EP cost may be more than the room.