Express Pass and no early entry-where to start TP?

This is my first time to US and IoA. My husband and I are staying offsite and have purchased the unlimited express pass for July 1 at US. It is an early entry day, so I don’t know if we should start at EFG since it has no express line when the gates open at 9am or start at Minions like most of the touring plans recommend. Any advice for a newbie?

Ohh that is a tough one. I would still probably go with EFG first OR go to the OTHER (non early opening side of HP) and hit Forbidden Journey first.

It really comes down to if you are a HP fan or not. Regardless FJ is just awesome. EFG was good.

As a rule - i would hit the HP areas as early as I could and then work my way around the park after that. I assume you also have the Park Hopper pass as well. This is just my own opinion.

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. We don’t have park hopper tickets, but we do have 2 day 1 park tickets. Both parks have early entry on both days (July 1 & 2) which is why I’m confused on where to start. The crowd calendar shows a level 6 at US on July 1 and a 5 at IoA on July 2 which is the order we plan on visiting. We sprang for the unlimited EP for US because there were more rides we wanted to ride there. We will not have the EP for IoA.

Gotcha - have fun - hope you enjoy. I try to follow the TP advise (they are the experts) but we did the HP areas first thing. I would possibly get there a bit early and they sometimes let you in a bit earlier. Also to save just a bit of time. Give the fastest walker (they don’t let you run, or pet strange dogs or eat raw cookie dough) your backpacks etc so that they can put it in the locker and then have them meet you at the line entrance. REMEMBER the combo and LOCKER NUMBER. You have to put EVERYTHING in the locker - phones, cameras, wallets etc. They are free and well organized. Only send ONE person to do this as the area is VERY VERY CROWDED