Explain to me about the water


I've read something about the water not tasting very pleasant, but can't remember any details. Please could someone explain and what do you do to compensate. Thanks


Florida water has an aftertaste - sulfur maybe? ? You have two main choices: bring bottles, or use a water flavoring/drink mix such as Mio.

I think some of the restaurants filter their water as well, so you don't really taste it there.


I think the water at the resorts tastes bad. I do brush my teeth with it, but I wouldn't drink it. We buy bottled water.


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The water utility gets its water from an aquifer which has sulfur; hence, the sulfur taste. It is safe and clean, but some of us tourists find the smell off-putting. Local bottlers source their water from wells with lower sulfur content.


Thanks for the explanation. I don't find it too bad myself, but my kids hate it. Hehe the use of the Mio for them.


We used the Brita water bottles with a filter for our last two trips in Sept 2013 & Feb 2014 & the water tasted much better. They can get a heavy so I added clips to hook them to a backpack or lanyard.


We found it to vary throughout the parks. Free water we got at HS was good. Free water from Tomorrowland was close to undrinkable. Water from Gaston's tavern was great.
I'm not picky about water and I struggled but not enough to buy a bottle or haul around enough for my family of five.


Different tastes from different places. Those of us who come from areas with great water will find Florida water less tasty. I also read somewhere that the older fountains like in older parts of MK are more unpleasant than newer fountains


I have always found Florida tap water yuk. So hearing on Lines this trip that free ice water available at CS, I tried it to see if we could save money, that is I tried it with much trepidation.

Hooray! The water was great. Getting large cups of ice water for fam throughout the day at parks was terrific, especially on hot summer days. And even better than having to carry bottles around, which would have gotten pretty warm by then.


Agree with the above. We used a Camelbak that we filled with water from our room, but definitely had to add the flavor drops for our kids to drink it. We ordered bottle water from Staples to have in our room, which worked out great. In the parks, when we ran out, I'd grab a few ice waters from a CS spot and refill the Camelbak that way (we brought the flavor drops with us to the park for that reason). I love to drink water, and I almost always drink tap water, but I am sensitive to the taste in FL.


Even my filter bottle (Camelbak) didn't get the taste out from WLV tap water. Icky. Free park ice water through my filter bottle was acceptable. Park ice water with flavor packets worked for DD10. I'm using Garden Grocer next time for bottles and jugs of water.


I don't like it from the taps in the hotels, but the ice water from the counter services tastes OK to me. The fountains vary, but really I think that's more a matter of temperature than actual taste - some fountains are in the sun and just don't send out cold water.


That makes sense; temperature does affect how much one will taste the trace elements. It's also possible that the filtration (or lack thereof) varies from CS to CS, and fountain to fountain.


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