Explain this to me like I’m stupid

WDWNT posted these wait times from earlier today:

Over two and a half hours for FEA. Over two hours for TOT. And so on.

Who would get in those lines? And why? It literally makes no sense to me.


It’s madness! I’m a 30 min max person. I will totally skip unless its the 1 new thing I must do and can’t find a work around. But really my must do’s are easy: LwtL, SE, TSM, Buzz, CoP, MP, JC, KS, ITTBAB, Dino There are plenty I love but just won’t wait that long for. I’ve yet to do SDD and have been there 3 times since opening and FEA (more than 3 trips but haven’t done it yet)


Pretty much agree. I will wait 60 mins for an awesome ride with an awesome line. On my trip earlier this month I got in the FOP SB line, which was posting 70 mins, because I’d never done the SB line but I knew it was awesome. I also had two half-hour podcasts to listen to, and the line is indoors and air-conditioned.

I’ve never done FEA or SDD in SB and never would. Maybe SDD at park close, when it’s cool and moving fast. There’s probably enough to look at in the line.

I’ve waited 50 mins for Hagrid. But the line is interesting, mostly, and the ride is the best in Orlando.


Some ppl have to do certain rides and will wait for that ONE ride. No matter the wait length


It’s gotta be local AP holders. No big. They’ll do other rides next weekend.

Nope! Well…. Maybe. There are no AP slots open, have not been for a week but I won’t wait more than 30 min for a ride. I’ll just come back another day.


Nope nope noppity nope.

Ok. We waited for ROTR for 3 hours on Wednesday night. But we had done every other must do for the day before we hopped in line. And then it broke down. But I didn’t really care. I just sat down on the wall or on the ground and enjoyed not standing or walking after being in the parks for almost 12 hours. And then when it finally went up we didn’t budge while they let all the ILL people squeeze in a ride in the 40 minutes it was up before park close.

So. From a liner standpoint it feels like a fail.

From a get it done standpoint, it was the right time and the right call. :woman_shrugging:

Otherwise we did our rides with G+, rope drop, or at the end of the day. And we had CL 7, 8, 9, 10 days on our trips. Some of the wait times were nuts, if not that level of nuts.


If this is your first trip, or first in several years, and your only option is wait or don’t ride it then people will wait.

I can see why for something like FEA. It’s Frozen, and if you have a 7yo Frozen fan who’s only must-do in Epcot is FEA then you have to tough it out.

We will wait any amount of time to ride the SW rides. We’ll also throw money at Rise to not have to wait, and make MF our first G+ selection. But if we can’t do that then we’ll just have to wait.

For other people the same applies to a ride like FEA or PPF. What’s ridiculous to one person is essential to someone else.


Back in my day, you weren’t getting on Space Mountain unless you waited in the insanely long lines. With NO phones! You could only talk to each other, or the party in front or behind. And hope the people you kept bumping into because you were swinging on the bars aren’t TOO upset.

No? Just me?

Any who, that was the speech I recently gave my kid for complaining that ALL the rides were over a 15 minute wait. Kids these days.

He took it about as well as all of you are.

Stop looking at me like that or no Mickey bars for you (but I’ll never hold the sandwiches hostage, I’m not a monster).


These days weren’t that long ago :wink:


Wait times don’t look bad for a sold out day


Last time I went to WDW, we were talking about what to do with the time and energy remaining in the TL Arcade.
We were flagging and while I was interested in SM, nobody else was.
Then I casually reached up on top of a machine and lo and behold!
My hand had landed on a FP for SM
And we were already a few minutes into the window




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