Experts or TikTok?!?!?

I don’t wanna go against Touring Plans (I have used them for four trips before and they’ve been AWESOME.)

But… the Crowd Calendar seems out of step with conventional wisdom during my trip: A Wednesday at Magic Kingdom is an 8 (June 22), while a Monday is a 6 (June 27).

I always thought Wed was the least busy…

What do you think?

I think it’s difficult to predict right now but that overall TP continues to be pretty on target. I would follow what they are saying.

Wednesday is now the day when deluxe folks get extended hours at MK. Perhaps that is what they are taking into consideration. EP is Monday.

Where does TikTok come in here??


What are the MK park hours like on June 21?
I’ve got a 10 CL during my trip because MK closes at 4:30 the day before.


TikTok: Some influencers (I’m an old, am I using that term right?) state that one should avoid the parks Friday through Monday… well, one of them, anywho.


That’s a lot of days to not go LOL


No doubt the influencers live close enough to WDW that they could roll out of bed and land on the PM.

“Yes never go during the weekend. ALWAYS go the other 156 days of the year”

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