Experiences with Walking Speed

I'm working on my touring plans and I'm wondering how the in-park experience compares with the walking speed estimates. I'm leaning towards "relaxed" just to give us more cushion but I'm wondering how the "average" speed works for everyone. It will be me and my 8 and 9 year old daughters.

I often use the RELAXED setting on the touring plans. There IS a difference with timing and order of attractions when you start sliding the scales around. It's actually kind of fun to see how walking slower or putting more emphasis on less walking vs wait times makes in the touring plans.

I'm making mine with the "very relaxed" setting this time, as well as "minimal walking" @DadHatter. Maybe we can get a repeat ride in somewhere - or stop at the Tinkle Tower or to get a dole whip without throwing off the TP. Last time we went there was still the legacy FP and we did a lot of criss-crossing. Hoping to avoid that as well.

Last year I used the "average" setting and we managed to get everything on our plan completed. However, we were exhausted by the end of the week. This year I plan on setting everything at "very relaxed" with "minimal walking" just like @LoveBug53. I promised my family a more relaxed pace this trip.

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I'm a very fast walker and even on a solo trip,I couldn't keep up with the fast walking speed, I think too many other things create mini delays and so I found average worked for me as a solo adult, so slower speeds would probably be best for families

Interesting responses. I set my walking speed at fast on my TP. But we are generally touring until noon then taking a 4 or 5 hour break

I did this because we are going in Sept and I wanted to get out of the parks in the afternoons to beat the heat and rest up for evening touring

If we could not walk that fast then would be melting.

Do you all think this is a bad strategy????

I always set my speed at "fast". I haven't really seen a problem with the pace of the plan, but we traditionally are there during very low crowds. I think if you were there with moderate or high crowds it would be very difficult to maintain that pace.

do you think DD5 and DS7 could keep up "average" speed?

before they added the walking speed slider, my DS kept up. He was about 6/7 at the time. It's likely, but if you're worried, I'd set it to relaxed and see how it goes.

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My kids were 5, 7, and 13 at the time of our trip. They had no problem keeping up with the speed. It was all of the unexpected stops that we took that caused us to feel like we needed to rush to get to the next attraction (bathroom break, someone was thirsty, character meet, coolest experience ever with Push). There are just so many things that can arise and we hope to be able to slow down a bit more. With that said, the "average" speed time worked for us and I have no complaints. Just looking to take a different kind of trip next time. Hope that helps a little, @mjw. smile

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