Experiences buying DVC Resale

I am looking for personal experiences buying DVC resale. What company did you go through? Would you try to use that company again? Thanks!

We used the DVC Resale Market and Marissa was our contact. It could not have been simpler or more effortless on our part. I found their website very user-friendly in terms of shopping the contracts; the filters work really well to keep your results to what you really want. There are TONS of contracts of all sizes, use years, resorts, and pricing. As far as the actual purchasing, Marissa was very responsive in the lead up to finding the contract we wanted, and helped answer both practical and procedural questions. She fielded our bids quickly and responded faster than I could have hoped for. Paperwork was made available for completion within hours and once we sent it back was processed just as quickly. The worst part was waiting for ROFR, but you’ll experience that anywhere and there’s not much they can do. Although Marissa did look into it for us when it was taking forever (we went right up to the deadline - 60 days?? – before we heard a decision from disney). All in all it was such a fantastic experience and I cannot recommend them enough! When were are ready to buy again we will absolutely go nowhere else!


Thanks! I like their site and have looked at them the most. I have the app on my phone too. When I started looking at other companies I saw a couple interesting options (fully loaded) but I don’t know if all companies even note when a sale is pending.

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I posted this in your chat, but we also used DVC Resale Market and had the same experience as @OBNurseNH with Marissa who was great! We got alerted to our listing on a Friday night, put in our offer pretty much immediately and it was accepted Saturday morning. I didn’t think anyone would be working on a Saturday.

I definitely think that they had the best app out there and if you join their Facebook group they will occasionally offer a jump on the super exclusive listings (small point Boardwalk or Grand Californian, etc).

I have no experience with any other companies, but I was also really impressed with the instructions. It’s all a remote process so their documents were very clear about how to wire the money, what to sign and where to send. 99% was electronic but there was something that I needed to mail and they sent a pre-paid FedEx envelope.

From my experience, their listings were definitely the most transparent. I remember watching Fidelity and they had low priced stuff that would just SIT forever but was already sold if you wanted to make an offer, so I kind of thought that it was a bait and switch type of thing where they weren’t clearing out old listings.

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I would also echo experience with DVCResale Market - Marissa is great to work with. Working our second resale purchase with them now. Very happy with process.


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