Experienced Dining Plan Users Please Help

Our first Disney vacation begins in 18 days. We’ve planned out all of our meals and have all of our ADRs made. I’m now hoping for some advice/tips on the payment process. We have 4 adults and 2 kids on our 8 day, 7 night standard dining plan. Our plan is to use the majority of our quick service credits for adult meals and pay out of pocket for the kids. So here are my questions:

  1. Do we need to do two separate orders to split the items we want to use credits for and the out of pocket items?
  2. If we don’t need to split into two tickets, what does that process look like?
  3. Can you do this with mobile ordering?
  4. Does the Diz point of sale system automatically optimize? Example: Order 1 QS entrée with a beer for dad and a coke for mom. Will the register automatically use the beer as the included beverage or do you need to do separate orders to simplify this too.

I’m sure we can figure all of this out on the fly but thought I’d throw it out to the community to see if there is someone out there with experience.

You can all do that on one order, simply say what you want to put on your dining plan and what you want to pay for.

However, I have never done it with mobile ordering. But the system does optimize drinks and will not charge your drinks as snacks if included.

Finally, I would point out that you should be alright “quantity-wise” and not having to pay for extra meals for your kids. We were 2 adults and 2 childs and for lunch we often took 3 quick credits (or something like 2 quick credits and 2-3 snacks) and we had enough food. As a remainder, for QS, you can take an adult meal even with your kid’s credits.

Actually, anytime that we have done a combination of credit and cash it had to do separate transactions

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I agree with you @OBNurseNH

I wasn’t clear with my answer.
One order, but two separate transactions (so 2 scans of my Magic Band)

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