Experience with Disney Institute courses?

They are offering the “Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence” course close to my home, and I’m wondering if it is worth pursuing. It is $1750 for a 1-day course. Anyone have experience with any of their courses?

I took one 24 years ago. I loved it and I thought it was very informative. But my two takeaways were Disney trivia (10000 people lock their keys in their car on property… 2000 with the car running) and more importantly, that Disney empowers every CM with clear priorities. #1 is always safety.

If your boss is willing to pay, go for it. If you’re paying to upgrade your skills and you can’t write it off, maybe hold off. There are probably books out there on similar subjects.

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Do you listen to the Disney Dish? They had an episode regarding the history of the Disney Institute and then as a follow up the next week Len noted that he got tons of really positive stories of people loving the Disney Institute! Now I’m off to search for courses near me.

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I didn’t realize the Disney Institute was still a thing! I remember from my late 1990s WDW promotional VHS they talked about courses you could take on property, like cooking or painting.

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I have been drooling over DI courses for years, ever since I stepped into leadership/management in my career. They are outrageously expensive but get incredibly rave reviews. As the cost is what it is, I don’t see myself ever being fortunate enough to attend one, even if offered locally.

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Am I looking at the wrong price, $499? I can get reimbursed up to $5,000 a year so this is definitely intriguing now that I look, but you guys make me think that the actual cost is higher?


That does look like the price for that particular one.

But it’s rare to see one so affordable, at least in my experience.

The Orlando-based ones are typically $3K and up

Also, no fair that you get such awesome reimbursement…

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Yeah you’re right, I just went through the registration process and it showed up as $499. I’m going to pull the trigger after discussing with DW tonight.

I have always been looking at Leadership Excellence and that is the price that @JordanRunner was quoting further up (for a one-day!)

AP holders and DVC members get discounts on Disney Institute courses. 15% or 20% I think.

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Ya I think the difference between the $2k and $500 is the “regional” versus the on Disney ones. The on-site ones actually take you through park operations and feed you. (Better be caviar…) If I had 5 minutes to spare on my upcoming trip I would think about it!

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I’ve done a one-day on-site Disney Institute seminar (Leadership) and am looking at a 3-day onsite one later this year. It really was terrific and provided significant insights that I incorporated for my organization.

That said, for me a big part of the appeal is doing it at Disney, but that is easy to say since I’m not putting out personal cash!

Also, you not only are fed with fun Disney classic snacks, but you get special Graduate Mickey Ears for graduating :slight_smile: