Experience redemption and LL: which taps first?

I was given an experience redemption tomorrow for 3 rides at MK. There are a few rides we want to do 2x. If I book a LL for BTM in the morning and tap in, will it has the experience redemption or the LL first? I want to save the ER for afternoon.

What are the 3 rides it is eligible for?

Thx. It is 3 LL for either big thunder, space mountain, pirates, buzz, Winnie, splash, haunted. There are other rides but not ones we would use the LL for (like dumbo or mad tea party).

Wait - you have THREE separate LLs anytime/special experience eligible at MK tomorrow? They transferred them over to tomorrow?

Yes we are very very lucky.

I just don’t want to burn them early when we are there with normal booked lightning lanes. I want to save them for the afternoon.

Paging @DWJoe @jtaulbee @bebe80 for expert advice. I believe you are able to book your LL for BTMRR and use that without using your anytime. At the end of the day, you should be able to not book an LL for BTMRR but tap in when you want to ride, but that’s the part I’m a little sticky on :slight_smile:


Thx for calling in help!

Check out the Golden Ticket section in this first post here- https://forum.touringplans.com/t/the-genie-advanced-strategy-planning-thread/91288


I think it will use the booked LL before the LL, see Post 1 golden ticket section in bebe80’s summary. I just don’t have firsthand experience with MEP’s converted from prior day as opposed to MEP’s received day of, so not 100% sure. But if you search for “golden ticket” you may find some firsthand accounts.


Thanks to you and @DWJoe for linking that! I should’ve searched golden ticket first :person_facepalming:


@kquick2008_839853 can you post a screenshot of what you received, exactly? An experience redemption for 3 rides is not something I’ve come across before.


In my experience it worked the same the next day.

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