Expedition: Everest - Motion Sickness

We’re going to WDW soon with a friend who has never been there. She’s been to DLR scores of times, though.

I’m trying to figure out which thrill-related attractions to take her on. She has some issues with motion sickness that can totally ruin her for the rest of the day if she’s not careful.

At DLR she is fine with TMRR, but she gets really sick on California Screamin’ and she can’t do SpcM – not so much because of the motion but because of the darkness in conjunction with the motion.

I’m sure she’ll be fine with 7DMT, whereas RnRC is definitely out of the question. It seems like EE is somewhere in the middle of these.

The last time we were at WDW I had a really bad head cold and EE made me a bit queasy. But I’m not sure if it was because of the ride itself or because of my head cold.

What are your thoughts on EE?

Also, does it invert at any point? It felt like it did to me, but, then, that might have been my head cold playing tricks on me.

EE has no inversions - just a tight downward spiral. Depending on what causes her motion sickness, EE might be right on the edge of go/no-go. Have her watch a ride video and see what she thinks.

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Although it doesn’t invert it gives you the feeling it’s pretty close to inverting!

(We were actually discussing whether it did or not as we came off the ride)

I think with it going backwards for so long and quickly that it’s a risky one for someone who gets motion sickness tbh

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Where I have trouble on Expedition Everest is going backwards. It goes backwards for much longer than I expect and I have watched the videos and timed them and have ridden twice, and still can’t get used to it. When it gets to the bottom of the backwards part the g-forces are strong enough to make me feel like my stomach is going into my throat. Before I have time to recover we are going down the 80 foot drop that then swings around in a curve where there also heavy g-forces. I have been on EE twice and both times I have been so out of it that I have no recollection of the forwards 80 drop, and memories of hyperventilating and numb fingers and toes a the end of the ride.

Rockin’ also has heavy g-forces at the end of the launch that actually make me start to grey out and make me a big high for the rest of the ride, but after the launch Rockin’ is very tolerable for me, and Test Track also has heavy g-forces but are not as bad as the other two mentioned.

I’m explaining all of this only because motion sickness is enough to deal with but when a person might be anxious about how motion sick they might get on a ride, they might already be hyperventilating and that would exaggerate the sensations of the g-forces on EE.

I don’t think there is a huge motion sickness problem on EE but some people may struggle with a fear of heights, and the g-forces and the motion sickness might not even be an issue but still could ruin a person’s next few hours if that’s not their thing.

I’m still trying to get my guts up to ride a third time. Neither my husband or I have gotten used to Everest and we were thrill ride junkies as kids, riding most of the major rollercoasters in So. CA in the 80’s i.e. Viper, Montezuma’s Revenge, etc, and we just haven’t been able to embrace EE. Rockin’? No problem. I’ll ride it again and my hubby has ridden it many times but won’t go on EE, so that should give you an idea as to whether it is wise or not. Maybe have her do EE at the end of the day so she can try it once and see?


I took 1/2 a Dramamine an hour prior, and that wasn’t enough for me. A full Dramamine several hours ahead and I would have been fine. I would not do it without though.

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I get extremely motion sick, but still enjoyed it with a Dramamine, Bomine, or ginger tablet an hour or so before. The only part to be aware of is after the train stops and goes backwards. It’s about 15-20 seconds and seems to spiral or corkscrew before coming to a stop. You get past that, you’re good!! Enjoy!

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The first time I rode EE I got sick. This year when I went, I made sure to keep my head back against the seat and rode 4 times in a row as single rider. Didn’t bother me at all.Once my head come off the seat and immediately I could feel motion sickness but as soon as my head went back to the center of the head rest I was fine.

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Its funny to hear so many people say it felt like there was an inversion. I too was convinced after getting off the first time that it did. I know that it does not go upside down but it feels as close as it can get, maybe it has something to do with going backwards. As far as motion sickness is concerned for me it is right on the edge. I never have any issues with roller coasters, its the whole going backwards thing.

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Thank you, all, for your suggestions, experiences, and input. We’re going to run these by our friend so that she can make the best decision. We want her to be able to thoroughly enjoy her first trip to WDW.

Peppermint candy also works. Dramamine can cause marked drowsiness.

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