Expanded EMM at MK

Short version - All of FL will be included except Dumbo and Barnstormer. Ticket price increases by $10, and breakfast will be moved to Cosmic Ray’s.

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Don’t understand why Dumbo isn’t included. Or Barnstormer for that matter. :thinking:

And Cosmic Ray’s isn’t even in FL.

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I wish they’d do an Early Morning Mountains.


That seems silly to leave out Dumbo, they wouldn’t need to man the “over flow tent” just let everyone use FP entrance and run one side. And Barnstormer doesn’t take a huge amount of cast members to operate. And it would give another ride for the smaller guest to enjoy.
And why hike to Cosmic Rays for breakfast???

They just expanded seating at Cosmic Ray’s, so I wonder if they can increase capacity with this move. I had heard that he capacity restrictions prior were the amount of people who could fit into breakfast. Also, moving breakfast out of FL kind of gets folks out of there after and distributes crowds.

So it looks like PPF won’t be available on dates in Jan/Feb

Have we heard about a close for refurb? Hoping not!

I’ve heard some mumbling elsewhere, but can’t find it discussed here. Do you think it’s possible to get through all the new rides added to EMM in the hour you’re given? What would you prioritize (obviously 7DMT)? They haven’t released any dates yet for March, but I’m hoping. I think the changes may make it “worth” it for us.

You have 75 minutes, 7:45 - 9am before the RD crowds arrive.

I think it spends if you want to ride 7dmt 3 times or just once etc. If you’re happy doing them once, then yes I think you could do them all.

But doing 7dmt, PP, Pooh, Under the Sea and Princess Fairy Tale Hall would be my first ones. Then do IASW and the teacups, and then perhaps do Dumbo (to avoid back-tracking) before heading to TL. Speedway, if going in December, would be worth jumping in line for soon after RD, otherwise SM and Buzz if you have time, and then have breakfast at 9:45 am.

Although there’s something to be said for those stand-by lines if you haven’t done them before…

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