Executive chef at Epcot’s France pavilion retires, questions if restaurants will re-open

Asked when the restaurants would reopen, Weistroffer mused that the real question was if they would reopen.

That is wicked sad and a tremendous loss.

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From the website:

"Note: A previous version of this article featured a statement from Eric Weistroffer who jokingly questioned whether the France pavilion restaurants would reopen. JBI has every intention of reopening the restaurants when it is safe and reasonable to do so."

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I have to say that Les Chefs is far from making my top 10 list, but the meals that I had a Monsieur Paul were probably second only to V&A for quality.

I enjoyed my CdF lunch quite a lot. I still get warm fuzzies remembering it!

I would love to go to MP sometime.


Me too, we thought it was one of our best meals.

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As so often happens now a days with WDW, wait five minutes and the answer changes.


It was one of my last meals at Epcot before the Covid. I was there in January.

Le sigh…


You would. You’re wrong about everything. CDF is bloody awful. It’s right down there with VN, which no doubt you think serves the finest pizzas outside Italy.

Well here’s a contribution we can trust. And @bswan26 is exactly right. MP trumps Tiffins for me because Tiffins is unreliable. It can be great, it can be not so great. With MP you get exactly the same experience every time.

I know him! His son worked for my husband and he hosted us directly when we ate there in Feb 2016. One of the most memorable meals ever. He was so hospitable. I hope he enjoys retirement. 38 years is a quite a career. Think of everything he’s seen come and go.

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I’ve never been to VN or Italy so I can’t comment.

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I hate it. So you’ll love it. Get your ADR locked in now.

Your rave review does have me considering it.


Mouse Matt and I have opposing views on VN. Granted, I’ve only been there twice, and both times I had their pizza, but both times I found it to be excellent. The best I’ve ever had? Not necessarily, but certainly way better than average and definitely the best I’ve had anywhere on the WDW property. Perhaps it’s just a difference in taste, or, since it’s been 7 or 8 years since I’ve been there, maybe the quality has gone way down more recently (it wouldn’t be the first time this happened at a restaurant). If I ever get back to WDW, I’ll have to try it again to see if it really has changed.


Nar, @mousematt just likes to complain.

This in some way being wholly different from what you do when it comes to F&F and Jimmy Fallon.