Exchanging 1 Quick Service credit has me confused

Trying to wrap my head around using a Quick Service credit for breakfast …

The Quick Service Dining Plan consist of:

  • Two quick-service meals
    (includes entrée or complete combo meal and beverage)
  • Two snacks
  • One Resort refillable mug

I understand you can exchange one Quick Service credit for three snack items.
What I am confused about is; does the Quick Service credit include a beverage or is the beverage a separate drink credit? I ask this question in regards to exchanging a QS credit for 3 snack items … is the drink (from the QS credit) included in the 3 snack items (1 drink, 2 snacks = 3) or is the drink separate from the snacks (3 snacks and 1 drink)?!?

The confusing part comes with this rule I found on mousesavers.com:
You can trade a drink credit for a snack item or bottle of water to go … does that mean 3 snack credits for 1 Quick Service credit AND another (1) snack credit for a drink credit making a total of 4 snack credits you can get out of 1 Quick Service credit?

I’m trying to plan a resort breakfast (POR RIV) while using the Quick Service Dining Plan. I know several entreés at Riverside Mill Food Court do not appeal to some people in our party, therefore trying to figure out if we can compile breakfast with snack credits.

Of course there is always the available refillable mug for drinks we can use, just trying to figure out the ‘rules’ on playing the Dining Plan game and get everybody an enjoyable breakfast.

How do you interpret these rules? Thanks :slight_smile:.

A QS meal includes a drink. If you don’t need the drink - like if you’re at your resort, and you’re using your refillable mug, you can often but not always exchange it for something that is a snack credit.

If you exchange a QS for snack credits, it’s worth 3 and you have to use them in the same transaction - you can’t use 2 and save 1 for later.


At the resort you will also have your refillable mug. When you use your QS credit you can get an entree and a drink. At that time you can decide to grab a beer, bottled water, or OJ if you want. Or you can use your one QS for anything labeled a snack x3 (for example: a bagel, muffin and bacon). You still have your mugs. Or you can use as many of your other snack credits.

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Adding to the confusion that often but not always the drink can be exchanged for a snack credit :joy::joy::joy:

It does seem to vary unfortunately! Some CMs will say to you at the till that you can do it just to let you know, whereas others just say it’s not allowed.

You can always exchange a QS for 3 snacks though.

Yes, but does X3 include a drink or not? That is the question :joy: … regardless of having a refillable mug.

Of course … What I am confused about is; does the Quick Service credit include a beverage or is the beverage a separate drink credit?

Yes, most drinks are labeled snack credits (not alcohol). For example at POR we all got lattes with a snack credit. You could get a bagel, grits, and a latte.

It is entree plus drink or three snacks that can include a drink.

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There is no separate drink credit.

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You can exchange the drink for a dessert at the resorts. We, however, just used the ‘drink’ and picked up water bottles to take to the parks, so we could stay hydrated. We always got a Smartwater bottle to take to the parks.

Thanks. I have no idea what SmartWater bottles are, we don’t have that here in the Netherlands :grinning:. I’ll give it a Google and see what I can learn!