Exchange tickets (plural!) for an AP

We currently have three trips to Disney planned in the next 12 months. Epcot in March, a week at Disney in September, and then a week at Disney next January.

I already bought tickets for March, and for September. When I was looking at maybe getting an AP instead, the truth is it provided no real financial benefit to do so, but with the added hassle of needing to make park reservations, so decided against.

But now…my wife and I were toying with adding a MK day after our cruise. But this means another single day ticket, which would run close to $400 for the both of us. Which makes me then think the AP WOULD be a good idea.

However…I already have tickets purchased, as I said, for both March and for September.

Has anyone ever successfully gotten Disney to apply the value of TWO separate tickets to an AP?


I’m pretty sure you can only use one ticket per person.

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You could call them and ask over the phone - It’s good customer service for them to do this for you. :crossed_fingers:

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When I tried to do that, they said they couldn’t apply my second set of tickets to it, just the first. That was at guest services at Disney Springs.

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Yeah. I’ll try this.

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Okay. I called. They were able to do it over the phone!

So, we’re AP holders now. Time to plan more trips so that we can save money! :wink:

But really, it means we’ll spend about the same as we would have otherwise, only we can add days if we want to our existing trips, so bonus. Plus, now we’ll get the AP discount on merch and food, so perhaps it will ultimately save us money.


I should add…they were able to do it, including the fact that the tickets for September were purchased through Undercover Tourist. They applied the price paid to UT, so you don’t get any savings paid to UT applied to the AP. (Which is fine…I figured that in.) The one caveat…it does appear they didn’t factor the savings from using the Mousesavers code when I purchased through UT…which means I ultimately saved about $3 per AP, thanks to that Mousesavers discount! :grin:




@ryan1, thanks so much for sharing this update!

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Figured you could, as we did it years ago but at Disneyland when my friend accidentally bought a park ticket for me when I had an AP …so she used the two tickets to upgrade to AP too :rofl:

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Ooh! Enabling by proxy!

Wow, that’s like a 0.2% savings! Score!

So glad it worked out for you!!

As Benjamin Franklin said, “A .2% saved is .2% earned.” Or something like that.


Awesome!! And you seem to have already learned how Disney math works.

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I just did this too over the phone a couple weeks ago! They let me exchange two separate park tickets from two trips and my memory maker - did my husband too - we got $50 back and now no tix needed for 3rd trip :slight_smile:

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That’s great news @ryan1 ! Happy to be proved wrong on this.

I’m wondering if I can apply the remaining value of my military park hopper (3 days left, out of 6… the 6 day cost $409 before tax) toward an AP.

I believe you can but only for what you paid for it. If it came from Shades of Green you can exchange there with no added tax. Otherwise I think it has to be done at guest services, not sure of over the phone will work.