Excess Free Time for USF touring plan

I have a personalized plan for December 11th for USF that shows a 56 free time in the morning between The Mummy ride and my lunch reservation at Finnegan’s. I have optimized several times and it stays there. Is there anything I can do about this?

Sorry I meant 56 minute free time.

Add attractions or shorten the end of your day

@Sam2071 is right on the money with this - you do not have enough attractions to fill your day. Kind of a nice problem to have, when you think about it. :slight_smile:

Its because it is giving you shortest wait times over the allocated time available. Apart from above avice which is the best advice you could try modifying your walking v wait ratio. Which might increase wait times but decrease walking or vice versa depending on your current settings,

Hmmm…post a link to the touring plan and we’ll take a look. Up at the top of the page there’s a checkbox allowing you to make the plan viewable. Make sure that’s checked, and paste the link it gives you, here.

When I adjusted the time that worked. It apparently assumed I wanted to stay in the part all day. So instead of showing leaving at 7 I moved it back to 5. It then filled in the time.