Excel Planning Template

Anyone have a great excel template they use to plan out their trip? I found a few templates searching google, but just wanted to reach out to the TP community since we’re a notch above the rest when it comes to planning a WDW trip.

If you have a great template you’d like to share, upload it to my dropbox link - I can that make a folder that can be shared with the forum.



I’ve seen some intense spreadsheets out there! I created a very basic one where the first tab is a high level overview (morning/noon/evening) of my week where I indicate which parks I plan to visit, which ADRs I have made, and where I might be able to space out snack and CS credits. I find that’s helpful when making the major plans - that way I’m not scrambling to use credits at the end of my trip and also so I can visualize when we might be eating so I don’t plan meals too close together. (attached is a pic of the HIGH level schedule that I use when planning - very simple and basic


The next tab is an hourly listing of each day where I can break down travel times, nap times, etc. Admittedly, I don’t use this tab as much as the first.

I also have a section in the workbook that lists all of the costs (room/DVC rental, flights, park tix, dining plan, stroller rental, grocery/amazon order) - with paid amount, due amount, and due date columns.

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(TS credits coded in red, CS in yellow, snacks in green. I have ‘?’ next to things that aren’t solidified or that can be game time decisions!)

I don’t have a spreadsheet but I use an ap called notebook pro. This allows me to create a page for each day with plans including imported pictures of all the activities and restaurants that I plan to visit along with the text showing adrs budget, plans and times. Its really fun to play with if you have the time but not as user friendly for adding text I must admit

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This is mine that I built. You can download and fill it in as you please.

Blank version - http://1drv.ms/1QBTWXK

What it ended up being for my September trip (many different tabs, ended up with about 8 tabs total) - http://1drv.ms/1PUACGr