Everything you wanted to know about Frozen Meet and Greet FASTPASS at DL

I’ve been researching the Frozen fastpass situation for several days now and I figure I’d share what I have observed.

There’s still a lot of waiting.
If you want to meet Anna and Elsa you’re still going to have to wait AT LEAST an hour. First you’re going to wait in a line to actually get a fastpass, and then you’re going to wait in line when your fastpass return time arrives.

The line starts before rope drop in Disneyland’s hub.
To minimize your wait you need to move quickly to the hub in the morning. When the park officially opens for the day, Cast Members will walk the line to Fantasyland and start distributing tickets.

The line to receive fastpasses starts early for Magic Morning guests.
This means if you are not a Magic Morning guest there may be a chance that the tickets have “sold out” but the time the park opens to regular day guests.

You have a 20 minute return window.
On your fastpass you will see a 20 minute return window. This is different from Disneyland’s usual 1 hour return window. Keep in mind that Disney will not honor requests for a specific return time. Plus you CAN NOT trade Fastpasses with other people.

Your Frozen Fastpass is tied to your park ticket.
When you receive a Frozen fastpass a Cast Member will scan your park ticket or annual pass. This ties the fastpass to the ticket/AP. Upon returning to the Frozen meet and greet during the return time window another Cast Member will scan your park ticket again. This means you can not trade or give the Fastpass to anyone else.

You may wait up to an hour or more after your return time.
On multiple days I have observed the return line to be 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

The last fastpass return time is 7:30 PM.
Which is good because that’s a lot later than the the 3 PM closing time the meet and greet had when it was stand-by only.

Hopefully this helps. I will continue observing the fastpass situation and hopefully will have a clearer picture in a couple of weeks. We would also love to hear your experiences with the Frozen meet and greet fastpasses. How long did you wait? What was your return time? etc.


We obtained fast passes last Thursday 9/11. We missed rope drop by about 10 minutes. We ended up waiting in line for a fast pass for 30 minutes. I left DH in line and took my girls on dumbo and got in line for Peter Pan. Our return time was 2pm. We got there right at 2pm, waited 20 minutes and met Elsa and Anna. I thought it went pretty smooth. Much better than waiting in line for 2-3 hrs.

Thanks for the info!