Everyone take a breath about Crowd Levels. It's not the end of the world!


The big issue here is the use of the term “Crowd Level”. Crowd Level for TP has always meant “overall wait times”, not “bodies in park”. Unfortunately the actual words imply that it is a measure of bodies in park, and people often read it as such. Although there is a rough correlation between wait times and bodies, there are many situations where there is not (like your EP example).

I supposed that calling the measure “Wait Level” would reduce this confusion, but TP has been using this term for years and would probably not want to change it. @len, thoughts?


I like words. They mean stuff.


Happy New Year @paulleewatkins. I was just thinking this morning that I hadn’t seen you on the forum for a while


Happy New Year to you as well! We returned from our holiday visit to WDW last month, and with no Disney plans on the immediate horizon I decided to just lurk and observe for a few weeks. Plus, they still expect a modicum of accomplishment at my day job so I had to rack up some stats to close out the year. I’m still very annoyed with 2018, and so far 2019 doesn’t act like it wants to behave any better.


Same here. We have been planning a Disney trip for over a year and we are going the first week of March. Everything looked great until the crowd levels changed from 4/5 to 10! Now we are so worried!


It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out. The predicted crowd levels today are:

MK: 7
EP: 6
HS: 9
AK: 9

Looking at the crowds throughout the day, it doesn’t seem to be nearly those levels. It’s new territory - I wonder if the increased crowds in the fall were due to all the parties they held compared to past years, and the winter will revert to norm… Will be interesting to see the actuals tomorrow and how this shakes out over the next couple of months…


That won’t happen. We won’t get paid, so we can’t afford it. And there are those of us who will be working without pay. But a trip to WDW sure sounds fun!


Actuals ended up being:
MK: 5
EP: 2
HS: 4
AK: 5

Here’s hoping that this is a new trend (although one day of course doesn’t make a trend), and that the model overcompensated and Disney doesn’t do staffing cutbacks this year and that the Fall was an anomoly in crowd levels.


I agree with some of the above Crowd levels to me says, how many people are expected to be in the parks not how long wait times are.

If a new ride opens IE FoP OR Disney reduce staff that is not a reflection on crowd levels that reflects wait times.

I am a little disappointed with these so-called crowd levels because they are not Crows levels they are waiting times Which is why I do not use TP to predict what day I go on


but these are not really crowd levels they are wait times…


Thanks so much for those figures Mike.
I know n=1 but still, I’ll take any good news I can right now.

I have to begrudgingly say that I’ve been booking FPs for dates since 27th Feb when we arrive and getting them last week, for the infamous first week of March, they were MUCH harder to get than then first four days. I’m keenly looking to see if it gets easier this week and so bears out the theory CLs drop later in March.
A biggie will be if I can get 60 day FPP from tomorrow for AK. There were some 59 days ones available this weekend, but none today for Monday 11th March.


I’ve started keeping track of the figures for a while here:


Agreed. I’m also going the first full week in March and initially was concerned. But then I reminded myself that at least we will be at Disney and whatever the crowd level/wait time, we will make the best of it. It was a bit shocking though.



My advice is that you should stick to your plan regardless of the weather and crowd levels. I learned this the hard way last year. It rains pretty much every afternoon in the summer, so don’t rearrange things if rain is forecasted or crowd levels are higher than expected.


We check into Pop Century in 2 days and I am pretty worried about CL estimates for 3/11 and 3/12 being at 10’s. I’ve never been to Disney on a 10 day and I hope it doesn’t ruin my experience