Ever heard of wish upon a planner?

I’m starting to get some pop-up advertisements for wishuponaplanner.com The adverts and website promise a hack that would allow you to ride SDD or other long wait rides, multiple times a day with little wait. It is hard to believe that they know anything that you guys don’t!!! Has anyone ever heard of this site?

It is the modify and refresh trick. My sister and I split the $15 just to find out.

I will say, if you are a visual learner and the modify and refresh trick don’t make sense in writing, she does a screencast demo on the app. So could be helpful for those on their first trips who have never seen it in person and who written direction are still confusing.

I did actually make my family watch it before my trip because none of them had been before to experience it and I knew they would not read instructions, but they would watch a video.

You can do a YouTube search to find a free video

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Here’s a really good one

I won’t even charge you $15 :wink:


Oh absolutely! The only reason this site is useful is if you have a person who wants the info but doesn’t want to do the research. It compiles everything you need to know about FPP in one place with no effort or research needed.

The first time I heard about walk through directions was from here’s:

Is it Mighty Men of the Mouse that have the Kivii’s on their podcast?


The Kivii’s have been on MMoM… Little secret: I was a guest a few times on MMoM in the very early days of the podcast…


Thanks you all! I figured they were talking about the modify/refresh trick, but I was too curious not to know for sure😂

thx!! i was trying to figure out how to help my friend do this Friday and was afraid just verbal explaining wouldn’t work — this is great for the visual!


This is fabulous! Thanks so much @OBNurseNH!

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I can practice this with my AP, right? Am pretty rusty at the moment.

Edit: I tried and was very successful- got a Soarin’ for today and moved it up to less than an hour from now in fewer than 5 minutes. Now I need to practice for 5 of us, and try nabbing something from the drops.


ATTENTION! ATTENTION, EVERYONE! We have a famous person here among our midst! BUT IT IS A SECRET, SO KEEP IT QUIET!!!

Ahem. :slight_smile:


Before they were on the touring plans network or after ? I started listening when TP started their network.

Hardly… :grinning:

Well before the TP network… I went to college with all of them, and am very good friends with Kip…


Thank you! I have never watched him before. I like his style. It is causal but concise.

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Thanks @OBNurseNH and @PrincipalTinker for those links. Great resources, I bookmarked for our next trip.

I was able to do the refresh while setting up PTP, but once in Disney, my Ds and his Dbil are in charge of the iphone plannings. I tried to explain to them how to use this techique. But there was so much going on in the parks, was not the best place to get their full attention haha.

The videos will make it a lot easier next time. Also, we can talk about them night before we head to the parks. The fam doesn’t like to be involved in any planning b4 trip, so I do all that, and I love the planning.

Ds has the in park techique of checking for short waits on TP wait info, also for checking for 4th etc fpps. Now I’ll get them on board with the refreshing while in the parks.

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