Evening plans for trip with kids + grandparents

I’m looking for a little planning help and would love some opinions.

Background: Trip at the end of August with my family (DS7, DD2) staying for 8 nights at Poly. My parents will join us for the last 4 nights. DH, kids and I went the same time last year, but my parents haven’t been to WDW in 30 years since I was a kid. I’m planning to front load our park days and character meals, so we can move at a slower pace with my parents who are in their 70s. We’ll have a full day at MK together and several meals at resorts with time to explore (AKL, Ft. Wilderness, GF). Also, right now, my parents will only have 2-day park tickets (no hoppers). I’m thinking just MK and Epcot, but maybe we’ll add a day. I’ve planned a few days were we’ll start early morning for RD or EMH and then they’ll join us later or we’ll meet up back at the Poly for our break.

I’ve come up with two options for our evening plans for the last 4 nights, but can’t decide which will work the best. There’s a MNSSHP on our last night that we will not attend, so it’s creating some planning challenges for me!

Option 1: Hoop Dee Doo or Mickey’s Backyard BBQ on their first night. Ohana and fireworks from Poly beach on second night. Chill evening at WL and dinner at Geyser Point on third night. And finally, Epcot on last evening, including Illuminations.

Option 2: Hoop Dee Doo or MBYBBQ, Ohana/Poly, Epcot with Frozen Dessert party, then ???.

So my questions are:

  • Is the Frozen dessert party worth it? I’ve seen many good reviews and I think it’ll be perfect for us. Unfortunately, it’s not available on our last night (because it’s EMH that night, I guess). I’m thinking the party is a good option because of the seating area so we don’t have to deal with the crowds. And it will be fun to ride Frozen together afterwards.
  • If I do option 2 with Frozen dessert party on second to last night, what should we do on the last night? Hanging our at WL seems anticlimatic, but maybe that’s what we’ll need after a week in the parks. That night there’s MNSSHP, so heading over to MK is not an option.

What would you do?