Evening LLs

Someone tell me if any of this violates how Genie+ works?:

Monday the 24th, say maybe somewhere around noon (guessing) I’m able to book a 6-7pm Haunted Mansion return.

And then maybe 2-3 hrs later (mid-afternoon) I’m able to book a 7-8pm Matterhorn return.

And then maybe 2 hours later (late afternoon) I’m able to book a 10-11pm Big Thunder return time.

And then maybe 2 hours later (early evening) I’m able to book a 10-11pm Buzz return time.

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That’s exactly how it works. I can’t say if your timings are likely though because I’m not a DL person.

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This is how it works. I think if anything the return times will end up being sooner than you’re showing here. Disneyland return times tend to be more immediate, except for the 2-3 highest demand attractions in each park. Return times start moving to 2-3 hours out in the afternoon. The highest demand attractions run out around 5-6pm.

If you check thrill-data.com it has historical data for every day of when return windows were for each attraction throughout the day. Worth studying if you’re interested.

Once you’ve gotten experience using Genie+ in Disneyland for a day, you’ll probably just wing it from there on out. It’s pretty easy to use.