Evening Entertainment

Other than the light show at IOA is there anything for HP at either park by way of not to miss shows? Excluding the daytime frog choir, etc. I’m thinking big fireworks type evening shows. If not HP then whole park stuff? I can’t find anything like WDW has for evening dinner/parade/fireworks stuff. Do the parks just kinda dwindle in the evenings?

Just the Cinematic Celebration in Central Park over the water at USF. This is currently at 7pm.

The Superstar Parade is daily too. Currently at 5pm.

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There’s no big fireworks, but the “Nighttime Lights on Hogwarts Castle” is beautiful!

This is not just a one time deal? It runs multiple times per night?

The Nighttime Lights shows typically start around 7:15 pm (8:15 after the Daylight Savings change), though this can be bumped up to as early as 6:45, and they last for approximately five minutes. The performances tend to occur every 20 minutes, with a final showing at park close

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Thank you. Which park is that at? I can’t find it on the TP site anywhere! They do show the cinema one.

Hogwarts castle in Hogsmeade IOA.

The Universal app is helpful too:

Yes I found it there but it’s not listed on the days we are in park (yet). I thought maybe I was missing something. Thank you!