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How do the evening EMH work? The day we are there, the extra hours are from 10p-12a. We will not have access to the extra hours. If we get in line for something before 10, will we still be able to ride it? Am I right in thinking we would still be able to do shopping after this 10pm time? Or will they push us out of the park at a certain time? I’ve never tried pushing our time like this but this is a one day, adult only trip to MK so I figure, why not?

My experience has been that as long as you are in line prior to the close time you will ride (unless it breaks down!). this is for normal close time or early close time for events.

You can get into the ride queue right up to 9:59pm. After that you’ll be able to stay in the park until 1am to shop. (One hour past closing time)

Your MagicBand / Park Ticket won’t work / let you “tap-in” at any of the rides. It’ll be programmed that you are not an on-site guests with EMH privileges. However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave like you do at a “party / event” like DAH, MVMCP or MNSSHP

They do have roaming CMs scanning bands. They usually won’t let you head further into the park; we’ve seen people being directed back through the castle towards the Hub rather than be allowed to walk round towards HM, for example. And you will be gently encouraged to head towards the exit.

So you need to plan your strategy.

I’ve also seen people not allowed to purchase stuff in the Emporium. This was as we were heading out after EMH had finished; seemed that by then onsite guests were still allowed to purchase but others were not permitted to. Now this was at Christmas / New Year, so it may just be at crazy busy times.

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Thanks for the info. It sounds like we should be good to get in an end of the night ride and slowly make our way out of the park.

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