Evening EMH- good or bad?

Planning use EMH evening hours at EP and MK in January 2018. CL 2 and CL3 on my dates (1/30, 31). Our 2nd trip to Disney. Last time I didn’t plan for EMH at all. Wondering if this is a good idea? Bad idea? Will parks be way more crowded than predicted due to EMH? Thanks!

In first week of October we got on Soarin in the pm EMH with no wait. Jumped right on Space Mt. with less than 10 minute wait at MK as well.

I LOVE PM EMH at RP, but I use it mostly to spend time in WS. I’ve only done PM EMH at MK a few times. After 1:00 AM, many things were walk-on…

The predictions take EMH into account. At those crowd levels, you’re not going to have any problem doing everything you want to do during normal hours, but I’m guessing those hours will be pretty short at that time of year so EMH will be a good way to get more park time.