Evening EMH at Epcot

I wanted to get input from anyone who has done Epcot’s evening EMH. The only rides/attractions we are interested in are Test Track, Soarin’, Frozen Ever After, and the American Experience show. Also may do Pixar shorts and character meet and greet if there’s time. Is it crowded? Will we have time to do them all? Thanks in advance for info!!

Is it only a 2 hour window? I think the best bet is to start these things a little before the official extra magic hour begins. You may need to forego Illuminations in that case. I would knock out the American Adventure first on that list, mainly so you aren’t swimming upstream with the exiting crowd.

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I think that would be tough because of the amount of walking you would need to do - Epcot is huge. We did mission space, Soarin (waiting one round to sit in B1), and test track during EMH. We debated walking to Frozen before Test Track, but didn’t think we would make it back to test track in time.

It was not crowded when we did it, but Test Track still had quite a wait. We walked on to Soarin.

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Skipping Illuminations, we did Soarin’ several times in a row. We got in line right at 9:00 when the EMH started. We then did Baymax, Joy and Sadness, and Character Spot, rode Spaceship Earth twice and then left the park a little after 10:00. We did not attempt FEA because we had FP earlier in the day. One trip we had gotten a day of FP for TT and rode it right before EMH started. It seems like the lines for FEA and TT stayed longer (30+ minutes) during evening EMH each time we’ve been there; however, we usually leave the EMH before 10:30 since we had accomplished all that we had wanted.

@JenniferB1975 makes a great point. If you can knock FEA in particular off the list by fast passing it earlier, that is great. Or, Soarin’ since that is the only thing you’d be heading that way to do.

Test Track can be a crazy wait any time of day. But that’s near to where the character meets are. And you’ll pass FEA after going to the American Adventure, which is where I think you start and make your way towards the front of the park.

If you can do single rider for TT it can save you a bunch of time

Thanks to you all for your suggestions!!